Sprouts Farmers Market, gasoline prices, Costco by Retail Daily (2024)

Food inflation, overtime salary increase, Electrify AmericaFood inflation remained high in the first quarter of 2024. The Biden administration announced a final rule that it said expands overtime protections for salaried workers. And Electrify America gives an update on its public indoor electric-vehicle charging station after one month in business.Apr 26, 202406:07 Kroger, Rutter's, U.S. grocery salesThe biggest grocery chain in metro Houston is no longer Texas-owned. Rutter’s has revealed its new summer seasonal beer. And U.S. grocery sales are projected to slump over the next five years.Apr 25, 202405:18Outfox Hospitality, bird flu, RaceTracA former employee is suing Outfox Hospitality. Milk samples from grocery stores have contained viral fragments of the bird flu. And RaceTrac has appointed Carl Bolch Jr. into the role of chairman emeritus.Apr 24, 202406:34Foxtrot, Dom’s Market, QuikTripFoxtrot and Dom’s Market are closing all locations. QuikTrip opens its new travel center in Rockford, Illinois. And Walgreens has agreed to pay $110 million dollars to Philadelphia to settle claims that the retailer was negligent in its distribution of opioid pain medications.Apr 23, 202406:07Sprouts Farmers Market, gasoline prices, CostcoSprouts Farmers Market has settled a federal sexual harassment and retaliation charge. The national average retail price of regular-grade gasoline added another dime in the past two weeks. And Costco drivers in Washington are unionizing.Apr 22, 202407:02FTC, drone delivery, National Labor Relations BoardThe former chair of the Federal Trade Commission weighs in on the Kroger, Albertsons merger. Drone delivery company Zipline passes the million deliveries mark. And the National Labor Relations Board kills a plan to outsource trucker jobs. Apr 19, 202406:57Trader Joe's, Wawa, GrubhubTrader Joe’s recalls another product. Convenience store chain Wawa makes Yelp’s 50 fastest growing brands list. And Grubhub expands into the grocery delivery business.Apr 18, 202406:09Trader Joe's and Amazon, Loblaw, bpA former Trader Joe’s manager accuses Amazon of stealing trade secrets from the specialty grocer. Loblaw launches its own cell phone network. And bp expands its food and drink offerings at its convenience stores.Apr 15, 202406:30Buc-ee's, Trader Joe's, WawaBuc-ee’s has set a date to open its newest travel center. A Trader Joe’s is facing a fine from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for violating worker safety regulations. And Wawa is opening its first store in North Carolina on May 16. Apr 11, 202406:36Emerging technologies, Murphy USA, bpFive grocery companies have formed a venture capital fund to invest in emerging technologies. Murphy USA is kicking off its semi-annual fundraiser Great Futures Fueled Here. And bp is investing in the future of mobility. Apr 09, 202406:07Solar Eclipse, Food and Drug AdministrationGas stations and convenience stores have been preparing for today’s solar eclipse. The Food and Drug Administration is seeking fines against retailers selling nicotine pouches to underage users. Apr 05, 202407:03Amazon, 7-Eleven, AlbertsonsAmazon walks away from its cashierless Just Walk Out technology. 7-Eleven invites customers to bring their own cup. And Albertsons tweaks its loyalty program.Apr 02, 202408:55Solar eclipse, Edible Garden, 7-ElevenConvenience stores get ready for big business during next week’s solar eclipse. Indoor farming company Edible Garden announces big 2023 revenues. And 7-Eleven releases Hot Dog-flavored Water … or did they?Apr 01, 202405:48RaceTrac, Rite Aid, Environmental Protection AgencyRaceTrac has deployed the Acumera Reliant Platform across its convenience stores. Pharmacy chain Rite Aid received permission to begin voting on a bankruptcy restructuring plan. And the Environmental Protection Agency has set new greenhouse gas standards for delivery trucks. Mar 29, 202406:08Walmart, Trader Joe's, MaverikInadequate customer service is providing an early exit for Walmart from a deal with Capital One. Trader Joe’s has opened Trade Joe’s Pronto–a convenience-like “grab-pay-and-go” concept store in New York. And Maverik has returned to Montana. Mar 27, 202405:48FDA, Murphy USA, Trader Joe'sThe Food and Drug Administration warned more than 60 retailers for selling illegal vapes. Murphy USA is undergoing a digital transformation. And Trader Joe’s has raised the price of their bananas for the first time in store history. Mar 26, 202406:13Yesway, swipe fees, Coborn’sConvenience-store chain Yesway is significantly expanding its presence in Oklahoma. Visa and Mastercard swipe fees hit a record high of $100.77 billion in 2023. And grocer Coborn’s is getting into the high-tech business with its salad bars. Mar 25, 202404:49FTC, Albertsons, Environmental Protection AgencyThe Federal Trade Commission accuses large grocery retailers of using pandemic-era supply chain disruptions to increase profits. Albertsons begins accepting celebrity investor Mark Cuban’s pharmacy card. And the Environmental Protection Agency releases new auto standards to reduce emissions.Mar 22, 202406:59DoorDash, Loblaws, EVgo Inc.DoorDash pilots a new drone delivery program in Virginia. Loblaws shoppers organize a boycott of the store over high prices. And electric vehicle charger company EVgo Inc. opens its first prefab charging station.Mar 21, 202405:27Contraceptives, Trader Joe's, 7-ElevenNew York State allows pharmacists to dispense hormonal contraceptives without a prescription. Trader Joe’s announces another recall. And 7-Eleven releases a new lineup of coffee creations.Mar 20, 202405:52Kroger, Love's Travel Shops, WalmartKroger plans to sell its specialty pharmacy business. Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores is hiring 2,000 new employees. And Walmart closes stores in California and Maryland.Mar 19, 202404:48U-Stop Convenience Shops, Aldi, Dollar TreeAldi prepares to release a new line of branded sneakers. 7-Eleven names a senior vice president of restaurant operations. And Dollar Tree announces plans to begin selling products for as much as $7.Mar 18, 202404:29SQRL, Dollar General, SheetzSQRL expects to reopen all 210 former Mountain Express convenience stores within three months. Dollar General plans to remove self-checkout in about 300 stores. And construction is underway for Sheetz’s first Michigan store. Mar 15, 202407:47Buc-ees, Dollar General, Kwik TripBuc-ee’s will soon unveil its first travel center in Colorado. Dollar General is betting it can capitalize on what it calls a “significant opportunity” to power through 2024. And Kwik Trip and the Milwaukee Brewers are partnering on a ticket deal. Mar 14, 202407:18Casey’s General Stores, Dollar Tree, confection salesCasey’s General Stores is ramping up its spring and summer store-level hiring for 2024. Dollar Tree said it plans to shutter 1,000 stores. And confectionery sales hit $48 billion in 2023. Mar 13, 202405:56Global Partners, Kroger and Albertsons merger, Casey’s General StoresAlltown Fresh owner Global Partners updated its logo. There’s a new update on the looming Kroger and Albertsons merger. And higher profitability inside the store buoyed Casey’s General Stores’ performance in its fiscal third-quarter 2024. Mar 12, 202406:56PAR Technology Corp, Presidente Supermarkets, QuikTripFoodservice technology company PAR Technology Corp. has acquired convenience-store and retail fuel software provider Stuzo Holdings. Presidente Supermarkets signed a lease as an anchor tenant in a new mixed-use development in Miami. And QuikTrip has purchased a Bell 429 helicopter.Mar 11, 202406:23Maverik, Trader Joe's, vapesMaverik’s CEO Chuck Maggelet will retire on May 1. A group is trying to break up Trader Joe’s first union. And Democratic senators are warning convenience-store retailers not to sell illegal vape products. Mar 08, 202407:39Pilot Travel Centers, Aldi, Urban Value Corner StorePilot Travel Centers plans to add 35 travel centers and remodel more than 75 locations in 2024. Discount grocer Aldi is investing $9 billion over the next five years to open 800 new U.S. locations. And Urban Value Corner Store plans to offer autonomous checkout at its convenience stores in luxury apartment communities. Mar 07, 202407:39Casey’s General Stores, United Natural Foods, GPMConvenience-store retailer Casey’s General Stores Inc. has acquired Panther Travel Center. A disappointing second quarter earnings sheet has United Natural Foods revising its fiscal year 2024 forecast. And GPM Investments has plans for three new c-stores.Mar 06, 202406:59Rouses Markets, Smoker Friendly, Casey'sRouses Markets’ shoppers can now use DoorDash for their grocery delivery. Smoker Friendly has acquired 54 stores in Indiana. And four new prepared-fresh sandwiches are now available at Casey’s General Stores. Mar 05, 202406:22Publix Super Markets, Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe'sPublix Super Markets’ net earnings of $4.3 billion in 2023 was up nearly 50% over the $2.9 billion reported in 2022. Whole Foods Market is introducing a new, “quick-shop” small-format store designed to provide customers in urban neighborhoods a fast, convenient shopping experience. And Trader Joe’s has another recall on its hands.Mar 04, 202406:10Kroger, Speedway, DierbergsThousands of Kroger union workers authorize a strike in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. The U.S. Attorney’s Office reaches a resolution with Speedway convenience-store over alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. And Dierbergs partners with retail technology and tools provider Swiftly on its retail media network.Mar 01, 202406:18Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, FDATrader Joe’s pulls another product off the shelves for contaminants. Whole Foods launches AI smart carts in San Mateo, California. And the FDA issues warning letters to online retailers selling unauthorized e-cigarette products.Feb 29, 202406:56Walgreens, Upshop, Save A LotWalgreens begins accepting Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits online. Grocery tech company Upshop launches a solution to last-minute worker shortages utilizing gig workers. And Save A Lot announces store closures in metro Dallas.Feb 28, 202405:07Family Dollar, DoorDash, Walgreens Boots AllianceFamily Dollar agrees to pay $41 million in fines for food safety violations. DoorDash adds 720 new pet product retail locations. And Walgreens Boots Alliance names a new global chief legal officer.Feb 27, 202405:34Federal Trade Commission, Del Taco, Sprouts Farmers MarketThe Federal Trade Commission and 9 state attorneys general sue to block the Kroger-Albertsons merger. Del Taco Restaurants makes a push into convenience stores. And Sprouts Farmers Market gives an update on its decision to close all of its larger stores.Feb 26, 202406:27SEC, DoorDash, WalgreensThe SEC charges the spouse of a BP executive with insider trading. DoorDash reaches a settlement with the California attorney general for illegally selling customer data. And Walgreens plans to close all of its VillageMD clinics in the state of Florida.Feb 23, 202408:22National Supermarket Employee Day, Casey's. IllinoisGrocers celebrate National Supermarket Employee Day. Casey’s General Stores releases a special-release batch of select bourbon. And Illinois could eliminate its grocery tax permanently.Feb 22, 202408:25FTC, Murphy USA, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance ProgramSeveral states and the FTC are set to block the Kroger, Albertsons merger. Murphy USA names Mindy Westas its executive vice president and chief operating officer. And the federal government could soon require grocers to collect information on purchases under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Feb 21, 202405:32Kroger-Albertsons merger, Walmart, QuikTripA union that represents thousands of grocery workers in the Pacific Northwest endorses the Kroger-Albertsons merger. Walmart announces plans to buy TV manufacturer Vizio. And convenience store chain QuikTrip opens its first store in metro Oklahoma City.Feb 20, 202406:42DoorDash, inflation, InstacartDoorDash reports a 23% year-over-year increase in total orders. Grocery price inflation slows down in January. And Instacart launches a new partnership with the American Cancer Society.Feb 16, 202408:06
Sprouts Farmers Market, gasoline prices, Costco by Retail Daily (2024)


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